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Our Loans

We have a number of loan packages:

Our Interest Rates

Loan amount
Annual Rate %
£0 to £999
£1,000 to £2,499
£2,500 to £3,999
£4,000 to £9,999
£10,000 to £25,000

Bus Ticket Loans

B&H Buses Key Card Annual pass


*Any loans requiring further security such as an Agreed Notice will be charged an additional 1% annual rate and may be subject to other terms and conditions.

Loan uses and details

We will consider loans for any legal purpose. The amount you will be able to obtain will depend upon your circumstances and income. The minimum income to apply for a loan is £125 per week excluding any Housing Benefit.

We also regularly give loans to people who are on benefits or don't have bank accounts*.

Where we can't give you all you have asked for, we will always try to make you an offer of a lesser amount.

Loan interest rates will be charged on the amount approved, not the balance of the total loan outstanding. If you have an existing loan at a lower rate of interest, we will offer you a second loan at the current rate - not a top-up. In these cases we will work with you to make the payments as affordable as possible.

Note that all loans have a compulsory savings element which starts from £25 per month.

You can access the savings at the end of the loan period.

The savings act as security against the loan during the life of the loan.

It can take approximately 3 working days to process a loan once we have received all the required supporting evidence.

Please note:

We would encourage customers who do not have a Bank Account to look at the Money Advice Service web site, which shows Bank Accounts for people on low incomes:


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