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Savings Young Savers

Save with us for whatever your heart desires!

Do you dream of owning your first car, an awesome bike, an ultra high-tech laptop for college or the next generation games console? Saving regularly can help you reach these goals and we offer an annual 2% gross interest on all Young Savers accounts (until further notice).

Anyone under 16 years and living in East Sussex, Brighton or Hove can open a Young Savers account with us and can save as little or as much as they need (25,000 maximum).

Paying in is easy

You can pay into your Young Savers account by:

  • via electronic transfer.
  • standing order from a bank account
  • paying in cash or cheques at our Hove Town Hall office
  • using a PayPoint card to make deposits at a Post Office or local PayPoint shop

We do not provide statements, but you can access your account online. Just register your account for the online service by clicking on the button at the top of this page and follow the instructions. You can access your account information at any time.

Download our Click to DownloadDownload Young Savers Info & Application form (1360.4kb) now.

You can send the completed form to us via post (enclosing trustee proof of ID and address) or come in and see us at our office in Brighton or one of our local help points. If you have any questions, then call us on 0300 303 3188 or email

Information for Parents and Guardians

Every Young Savers account must be opened with the agreement of a trustee aged over 18 such as a parent, guardian or grandparent who will have overall responsibility for managing the account until the child turns 16.

It is generally recognised that a basic financial education given during childhood provides important life skills and can help raise children's future aspirations.


The SmartCash Junior Account is the great new way for Credit Union members aged 8-16 to receive their pocket money or other funds, then spend them safely on the high street or online whilst still being under parental supervision. You can find out more about Smartcash here.

Student Savings Scheme

Causeway School in Eastbourne are the first to launch a Students Saving Scheme that will be managed by pupils and staff. Launched in partnership with the East Sussex Credit Union, students at the local comprehensive, along with their parents and staff, will be able to access their account whilst at school. You can read more about this initiative here.

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