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Loans Compare the Costs

We can save you £££s on the cost of a loan...

Here is an example of the potential costs of borrowing on a £1,000 loan over a 12 month period:

Compare the Cost of Borrowing

Interest Rate (APR)

Monthly Repayments

Total Interest Paid

Total Repayment

Credit Union26.8%£94.56£134.72£1,134.72
Vanquis Visa39.9%


Provident (paid weekly)272.2%

£151.67 (equiv monthly amount) 

(Sources;, ,, - correct at 13/01/2016)

In addition to the loan repayments, we have a minimum compulsory savings 'element' of £25 per month - you cannot withdraw this money during the loan period, but it will be available at the end of the loan period for you to either leave with us and add to, draw upon or use as security against future loans. In this way you build up a savings 'pot' for future use.

Interest is calculated on a daily basis - there are no hidden charges or 'catches'. Please ask for a quote for any specific loan - there is no obligation to make an application from a quote.

Borrowing from your Credit Union is also a great way to save!.

If you want to borrow from us, you must become a member of the co-operative and complete a membership application form.

Click to DownloadDownload Membership Application form (277.6kb)

Click to DownloadDownload loan application form (249kb)

Click to DownloadDownload Loan Application form - editable version (47.2kb)

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