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Loans Baby on the way?

Plan now for the arrival of your baby, and make your time with your new addition financially stress-free!

New parents can expect to spend, on average, £500 in the first month of their new baby's life, paying for nappies, clothing, feeding equipment and furniture. (Source:

If you are expecting a new arrival and need help to spread the cost of everything you need for your baby, then why not talk to us today about a loan?

Take a look at our loan calculator to see how much your repayments could be, and you can apply online for your loan today!

Simple, safe, affordable loans

We are here solely for our members and aim to provide affordable credit to anyone who can afford to pay the loan repayments.

Our Saver Loans are a way of building a healthier credit history. Or if you are in the 'Keep It Local' camp - we are the ethical, local, Not-For-Profit alternative.

Each loan application is assessed individually by a member of our team. We cannot lend to everyone - each loan is assessed on its own merits. We take all information into account when making decisions.

No arrangement fees - SIMPLE AND FAIR!!

So why not give us a try?

PLEASE NOTE: Your credit score will be adversely affected if you are late or fail to keep up with payments on a loan.

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