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NewsBe a Young Saver!
Be a Young Saver!

Saving regularly can help you afford the things that are normally too expensive for you to buy. Do you have a future goal? For example, your first car, that extra special BMX or mountain bike, an ultra high-tech laptop for college or the next generation games console or gadget. Saving with us will help you reach that goal!

Until further notice, we're now paying 2% INTEREST per year on all Young Savers Accounts; making for a really nifty return compared to some of the rather meagre alternatives available from High Street lenders. The really good news is that this offer is available to new and existing savers, just so long as they're under 16. And because we are regulated by the FCA, your money is as safe with us as with any high street bank.

An adult, normally a parent or grandparent, has to act as a sponsor (trustee) for the account until the Young Saver reaches the age of 16 years at which time they become responsible for their own account.

Interested? For more details or an application form at , email us at or give us a quick call on 01273 234 858.

But be quick, an offer this good will not be around forever!


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