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NewsYour old £1 coins
Your old £1 coins
So the new 12-sided £1 coins have been released which means that we have until 15th October to smash open our piggy banks, search through drawers and rummage down the back of our sofas to find any missing coins.

Whilst everyone starts their hunt for old £1 coins, we thought we'd create a list of suggestions for what we can do with them in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove. If you have any other ideas then please do share them with us!

Things to do with your old £1 coin:
  • Give it to charity or a local good cause.
  • Leave it as a tip the next time you go out for a meal.
  • Open an East Sussex Credit Union account with your £1 - start saving and investing in your area at the same time!
  • Put your £1 in your shopping trolley and leave it to the next person.
  • Buy a bunch of daffodils for a neighbour and leave them on the doorstop.
  • Buy a postage stamp and send a letter or card to friend.
  • Buy a food item and donate it to your local Foodbank.
  • Buy an ebook online and settle down for a quiet read.
  • Spend it in one of the pound shop chains on a little treat for you!
  • Buy a packet of biscuits and invite a friend round for a cuppa and a chat.
  • Buy an Easter egg for someone you love.
Whatever you do with your old £1 coin, just make sure that you spend it before 15th October - otherwise it could be worthless.

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