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Jump on the bus

Now in its fifth year, Catch the Bus Week continues to go from strength to strength. Organised by Greener Journeys, it’s an opportunity to put the bus in the spotlight and celebrate its importance as well as encouraging people who don’t usually think of taking the bus to leave their car at home and get on board.

10 brilliant bus facts!

  1. Travelling by bus is good for your health. It's a third less stressful than commuting by car.
  2. 41% of passengers believe they would spend less time with their family without access to buses.
  3. Two-thirds of public transport journeys in the UK are by bus.
  4. Jobseekers are heavily dependant on buses with 77% having no regular access to a car, van or motorcycle.
  5. Every £1 invested in bus infrastructure generates up to £7 of economic benefit.
  6. The UK's 88,683 buses and coaches deliver 5.2 billion passenger journeys amounting to 18.1 billion miles each year.
  7. 11% of commuters would have to change jobs or leave the job market completely if their bus service ceased to exist.
  8. If everyone switched just 1 journey a month to the bus, there would be 1 billion fewer car journeys on our roads, and a saving of 2 million tonnes of CO2
  9. The latest bus models deliver a 95% reduction in NOx emissions compared to the 2009 bus models.
  10. The combined retail and leisure spend of bus users is £27.2 billion of which £21.5 billion is spent
    in town or city centres.

As part of Catch the Bus Week, we are going to be in Churchill Square on July 4th with our partners Brighton & Hove Buses, talking to people about the fabulous 10% discount our members get on the annual bus tickets with B&H Buses and the special bus loans we offer to help spread the cost throughout the year. Find out more on about the discount and our loans here.

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