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NewsAre you saving for a rainy day?
Are you saving for a rainy day?
The average savings of UK households has now reached a record low at 1.7% of their post-tax income, according to the Money Charity's July statistics, and more than 16 million people in the UK have less that £100 in their savings, according to Money Advice Plus.

The risk for households without enough money in savings to pay for emergencies such as dental work, replacing white goods or being unable to afford a little luxury such as a short break or budget holiday, has meant that more people are accessing unaffordable credit such as high-interest pay day loans to furnish their need for cash. This is a cycle that they often can't then get out of.

You might now be thinking 'how much should I save?'. It is a good idea to have the equivalent of three months essential out-goings in an instant access savings account at any one time so you can survive in an emergency. Even if all you can afford is £1 a week though, we would recommend that everyone is making a regular contribution into their savings account.

Finding a way to save even a small amount can be hard and not everyone is brilliant at budgeting, but we are here to help you with your budget plan, in addition to other money-managing services in the local area. We also offer the Engage card which is a pre-paid Visa debit card that has a great budgeting tool within it so you can make sure you are covering your bills each month.

If you would like to start saving and don't already have a savings account with us, it is easy & simple to get started and here's how:
  • Sign up to become a member (available for anyone that lives, works or studies in East Sussex, Brighton & Hove or a member of Unite the Union in the South East.
  • Set up a regular standing order with your bank (from as little as £1 a week).
  • When that emergency happens, just simply transfer your savings into your bank account (either by phoning us or requesting a withdrawal online in the members section).
It really is that simple to get started with saving so you can build-up that all important rainy-day fund.

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