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NewsThird of parents have had to seek help to cover the cost of school uniform
Third of parents have had to seek help to cover the cost of school uniform

Almost a third of parents have had to seek financial help over the cost of their child’s school uniform, and over half (58% ) believe there’s not enough help available for parents who do require assistance, according to a survey recently conducted by clothing company Banana Moon.

A further 65% think there’s too much pressure on parents to purchase uniforms from official retailers, preventing parents from finding cheaper alternatives.

Here are some tips for reducing the financial burden of buying uniform.

Spread the costs - avoid buying everything in one go if you can. If you child isn't changing school in September, check over their current uniform and only replace what you really have to.

Label everything - school clothes often go walk about. Labels mean you stand the best chance of things being returned. Labels have come a long way from the sow-in ones. You can buy ones that you only need to stick in that survive extensive washing. It's a quick easy job that will save you money.

Second hand helps - exchange uniform with other parents and check out if your school has a second hand store or regular sales - these are often run by the 'Friends' group.

Seek out cheaper alternatives - essentials such as socks, plain shirts, PE shorts can be purchased in supermarkets and online for significantly less than school uniform shops.

Do you need help with covering the cost of uniforms?

If your child is moving to a new school and you have to fork out for a complete new uniform which can cost over £300, you can talk to us about a loan to spread the cost. Don't use your overdraft, payday lender or high-interest credit - they all mean the cost of uniform will mount up even further. You can apply for a school uniform loan online today or you can call us on 0300 303 3188 to discuss your loan needs.

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